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The goal of the Site and association is to provide information to microgreen growers in an effort to educate them and enable them to more effectively, and successfully run they farm. It is not intended nor should it be construed as providing authoritative medical, financial or legal advice.  The Sites and the information contained on the Sites are not a replacement for obtaining professional medical care or professional legal and financial advice.  You should always seek the counsel of these  trained legal,  financial, and medical professional.


The Sites is intended for personal growers and used by an individuals wanting to know how, and where to start.   You agree not to provide any personal information of any third party or to create profiles on behalf of any other person unless you are the parent or legal guardian of a child and you create a profile for your child. All of us humans are in different stages of our lives, we value different things, and therefor what is in the best interest for one grower may not be for another. This is where it becomes all about you, Our goal is to provide you with everything you need and want to know. We will try and list out the options that are for most common situations and we will alway list resources so you know where to call to dig in a little deeper.


This is simple: you don’t generally need any license from the department of Ag……..However of you 

Sell living microgreens – YOU MUST REGISTER AS A NURSERY

If you sell seeds or seed packets you need a seed dealer license 

We will instantly assume that at the point your reading this you have decided to start your one business in the state of Florida. Due your homework first, you should always know your “competitors and look at what they do”, what makes them special? Where do you see the opening in their strategy? Starting a business can be very frustrating and not getting confused and stray away from the correct information. This is why we have compiled this information. We named our business Vitality Farms because we like the word vitality and when we googled the terms we found Vital Farms and well if you haven’t seen their commercial, take a minute, your welcome. We love the no Bu shit eggs. Thats how we do things so we choose it. 

Mo47pxa list of great information tools to help you along you journey in bettering yourself and your business. 

DECISION 1 – WHAT TYPE OF BUSINESS DO YOU WANT?  Register your LLC, Corporation, Single member entity, partnership whichever way you go you must file for a licenses to do business in the state.  SUNBIZ Costs range form $125.00-$875.00. P.S. you should have a name what do you want to call your business. 

FORCED PAPERWORK – As soon as you get your paper from Sunbiz you need to tell the IRS so they can give you that EIN (Never mess with the IRS) 

MORE FORCED PAPERWORK- After the IRS the state wants to know and you need to request a DR-1 Florida Sales Tax Number, Since your there you might want to get you RESALE CERTIFICATE  To obtain a Florida Sales Tax Number or resale number, contact the Florida Department of Revenue.

NOT YET, MORE PAPERS File with your tax collector, you County local business taxes should be a class A just google your county tax collector.