Building and maintaining great supplier relationships is a must if you want to stay competitive. As this segment of the market continues to grow we are encouraging our growers to stop just looking for a supplier but to look for a partner. Suppliers will always play a big role in operations, so don’t neglect them. Strive to find the best vendors in your industry, and once you’ve secured an agreement, maintain a healthy relationship through communication, professionalism, and good old fashioned niceness.

Our desired goals and directions are to improve the community knowledge base of our products. Programs are built through key partnerships with organizations, individuals, universities, communities and foundations. We encourage all our members to support our partners, and have seen some terrific results with a few of our first partners. Our vendors have more than products to sell us they usually have solutions and while most farmers are busy just keeping up, these partnership allow for use to educate the  farmers on the specifics of how their problem can be solved. We realize that as the rise in growers continue there will be a rise in vendors trying to fill those needs. We want the consumer to get the best products available! To ensure that we need to make sure all the growers get to utilize and understand what those products are and why would they benefit from using one over another. We also know that there are many products, developments, enhancements, that could benefit the growers so if you would like to come to the table we would love to talk with you to develop the missing links in the microgreen farmers life. We are not just looking for a check and realistically you won’t get much from our association if you are just looking to say your a “sponsor for……..” We want partners that will take the time to answer the question to educate about what they do and why they do it.

If you have a solution for xy and z than become a partner and send me an email and tell me about it cause I genuinely want to know. 



  • Networking opportunities with growers
  • Company listing in the member directory distributed to all producer members
  • Sponsorship opportunities at IMGA’s Annual Convention
  • Member rates for Annual Convention registration
  • Member information tools and timely publications
  • Features in communication material as appropriate
  • Participation in IMGA Florida committees
Making an agricultural shift in our food system, requires tremendous changes at all levels. Part of these changes will come from scientific and technological innovation, but part of these changes, the most crucial part, relate to people’s mindsets and way of working together – including farmers, agri-suppliers, food processors, consumers, policy makers etc.

Farmers who farm exclusively for home consumption.

If there is a surplus, they will sell it on the market, but this is very rare. Often these farmers are struggling with the basic survival of themselves and their families.

Farmers who have greater opportunities that allow them to produce beyond just surviving.

Smallholder farmers may be entrepreneurial in spirit but they often lack the security to take risks.

Results from Partners

345 individuals visited the group page for a total of 1,600 times

Increase in website traffic resulted in a 137% unique page views over duration of partnership

65 members listed themselves in the directory for partnership assistance

The group generated a 30% increase in referral traffic 

Our Partners


Indoor Ag-Con is a must attend event, especially if its one of your first trade events. The attendees at this show are top notch! If you go take notes because your bound to pick up some great tips from the crowd. The event is happening on  February 27 – 28th  2023  at Caesars Forum, Las Vegas.  


Christa is definately someone you want on your team when you need to problem solve. Aptar got involved in making a moisture pad to keep our greens greenier than anything else on the market. They developed the product when a  grower called them  looking for a solution to a packaging challenge. They listened and set out to solve the problem and their product is making  a difference. 

FarmTek/ Growers Supply

Growers Supply offers commercial greenhouses, cold frames, greenhouse supplies, kits, greenhouse film, hydroponic systems, heaters, plastic, fans, seed-starting supplies, hydroponics, vents, shelving,and more to help you manage your greenhouse, nursery business or home.

Exo Tower

The exotower is a modular, hydroponic system that can grow up to 32 plants, veggies, leafy greens, herbs, micro greens, and flowers in less than two square feet. Nicole Madeux is the owner and the towers are made in Sunny Florida. Shop local, be local, buy local, support local!


This Tampa based company is a source for cool garden and hydroponic products for consumers and wholesale customers. Barbara is a great person to have, she can help you take a concet to product.