Micro Learner

Individuals who do not grow microgreens commercially  but who teach it for their jobs. This includes extension agents who work with the association.

Grower and Supplier Membership Benefits include:

*Inclusion and access to IMGA Florida membership Directory
*Member discounts to IMGA conferences and events
*Access to industry research, technical papers, and presentations
*Professional development opportunities
*Notification when events are in need of a microgreens vendor.
*Opportunities to create a network allowing farmers to work together to serve the customers.
*Opportunity to contribute to and or to lead policy debates on legislative and regulatory issues
*Leadership opportunities on  working groups or committees
* Access to a business plans & Farm Safety plans
* Collaboration and assistance with grant proposals.
*Educational and best practice training opportunities
*Valuable networking opportunities
*Discounts from vendors
* Group buying power
*Notification of the newest trends in the market
* Representation before state and federal regulatory agencies.
*Access to Newsletter
*Ability to post job openings on our Facebook group
*Social gatherings
*Online community