Photo: Courtesy of Chef Stone Orlando Florida


The International Microgreen Growers Association (IMGA) was established in 2018 with a focus on promoting collaboration among microgreen professionals, growers, and suppliers. The organization aims to promote the health benefits of microgreens, ensure safe production as a food product, and provide education and technical assistance to enhance sustainability. Nani Koromete founded the original IMGA organization in Alabama. 

In 2021 Sybastian Brennan formed the IMGA Florida which is a chapter non-profit entity in Florida. Nani Koromete stays involved and in touch with the first chapter association on a consistent basis, as more states will open chapters.

To achieve this, we engage in various activities such as public relations, advertising, education, publishing. We also aim to create a nationwide network that can advocate for the interests of young farmers in federal policy and facilitate the exchange of ideas with local relevance.

We welcome corporations, the public, and other organizations to support our cause through donations and sponsorship. Join us in representing and supporting growers and suppliers in the Microgreen Industry!

The board that serves 

Sybastian Brennan

IMGA Founder

The inspiration, determination, and utter commitment to a better way of life. Sybastian is the official founder and incorporator of the association. 


Lisa Welsh

IMGA Executive Director

Midwestern at heart and entrepreneur by brain, she is a dedicated mother, wife, and shrewd businesswoman. Her career path started as a damn-good-debt-collector and one day just flipped 180 degrees to a thriving microgreen farmer’s market fan-favorite. As Co-CEO of her own company, Lisa has turned a major profit and cashed in on her extensive creativity. Educated with a Master of Arts degree in Business and plenty of real-life experience, Lisa hasn’t hit her threshold yet. Whether she’s drumming up new ideas for content, product, or solutions to unique problems, one can find Lisa working a mile a minute with no sign of slowing down or stalling out. She’s a down-home, homegrown girl with multi-million dollar ideas. She loves Jesus and hates close-mindedness. Lisa Welsh, owner, and operator of Vitality Farms Company is certainly one to watch.

Amanda Edwards

IMGA Vice President

Amanda Edwards is the national coordinator and co-director of the Florida Chapter of the National Women in Agriculture Association. Amanda is a blessing to others by sowing seeds of enlightenment to aid in strengthening and restoring the mindset of the millennial generation in order to flourish in acquiring healthy eating habits, physical fitness, and to quench the undeniable thirst for mental reformation. Her main goal was and still is, to accomplish this feat by stimulating impressionable minds with her knowledge and expertise in the preventative medicine field. Ms. Edwards strongly believes that knowledge is a source of power, and holistic emancipation of the underserved/minority population within the current construct of our society truly starts with what is being fed to our bodies physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Patsy Rogers

IMGA Treasurer

Patsy began growing microgreens as her family was trying different options for eating more healthy. They loved the greens so much they wanted to share them with the community so they have been growing and expanding the last few years. Patsy has just switched from teaching in a school full time to working with her microgreens and helping teach others. We are honored to have Patsy join our board and take on the role of Financial director.


Committee Chairs

Katherine Bates

Nutrition  Chair 

I am dedicated to increasing awareness about the impact of Poor Health through embracing individuals and offering events that promote healthy bodies & self-acceptance, all while focusing on the Whole Person. Here is where you can explore your strengths, skills, & many other things that are Right about You. Food changes everything. While the body needs food, everybody utilizes food differently. What is good for me maybe poison for you. Each person has different chemistry. As you change your food, your body changes. Imagine what your life would be like if you had clear thinking, energy and excitement every day.

Amy Harper

Marketing Chair

Amy is a mom of 5, after having 4 kids in 5 years she hung up my chef’s coat to focus on being a momma, but really missed creating delicious meals out of quality ingredients. She prayed for a few months for God to bring me a way to keep my passion alive but allow me to stay home with my kids and help pay for my son’s therapies ( he is 6 and has high functioning Autism) and oldest daughter’s college expenses (she is going to Saint Leo in the fall). After getting a no to several ideas, the opportunity to purchase a microgreens farm from a friend came up in January, and miraculously and unexpectedly so did the money. It’s been a learning process, exhausting, and a lot of fun all at the same time. My kids are with me every step of the process from planting, harvesting deliveries, and farmer’s markets. It’s great to teach them how to grow their own food and how to run a business. I had a hard time getting people to buy the greens even after sampling them they loved the flavor and the health benefits but were really intimidated with how to utilize them on a daily basis. So it was time for me to put my chef coat back on and use the skills that my Business Management degree had taught me.

Brent Thompson

Human Resource Chair/ Compliance

Brent is a veteran HR Generalist with 22 years of Management experience. He has had unique opportunity to be a key player in two different start-up opportunities and one managerial change over. He has experience in all areas of Human Resources, including; employee relations, benefit management, HRIS, employee training, staffing, payroll, safety, development, record-keeping, and compliance.