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The International Microgreen Growers Association (IMGA) was established in 2018 with a focus on promoting collaboration among microgreen professionals, growers, and suppliers. The organization aims to promote the health benefits of microgreens, ensure safe production as a food product, and provide education and technical assistance to enhance sustainability. Nani Koromete founded the original IMGA organization in Alabama. 

In 2021 Sybastian Brennan formed the IMGA Florida which is a chapter non-profit entity in Florida. Nani Koromete stays involved and in touch with the first chapter association on a consistent basis, as more states will open chapters.

To achieve this, we engage in various activities such as public relations, advertising, education, publishing. We also aim to create a nationwide network that can advocate for the interests of young farmers in federal policy and facilitate the exchange of ideas with local relevance.

We welcome corporations, the public, and other organizations to support our cause through donations and sponsorship. Join us in representing and supporting growers and suppliers in the microgreen industry!

The board that serves 

Meet Sybastian, a visionary leader driven by inspiration, determination, and an unwavering commitment to creating a better way of life. As the official founder and incorporator of the association, Sybastian has dedicated his life to making a positive impact on the world. 

Sybastian Brennan

Founder, IMGA Florida

Lisa Welsh, a driven and innovative entrepreneur with midwestern roots, transformed her career from a successful debt collector to a thriving microgreen farmer and Co-CEO of her own company, Vitality Farms. With a Master of Arts degree in business and endless creativity, Lisa continues to generate profitable ideas and solutions, embodying a dynamic blend of down-to-earth values and multi-million dollar aspirations.

Lisa Welsh

Director, Vitality Farms Company

Amanda Edwards serves as the national coordinator and co-director of the Florida Chapter of the National Women in Agriculture Association, where she passionately cultivates the minds of millennials, empowering them to embrace healthy eating habits, physical fitness, and mental reformation for a flourishing future. With expertise in the field of preventative medicine, Amanda believes that true holistic emancipation and empowerment of underserved populations begins by nourishing our bodies, minds, and spirits, recognizing knowledge as a source of power.

Amanda Edwards

Vice President, NWIAA

Patsy discovered her passion for microgreens while exploring healthier eating options for her family. Inspired by their love for these greens, she embarked on a journey of growth, sharing them with the community and transitioning from full-time teaching to dedicating her time to microgreens cultivation. Now, as the Financial Director on our board, we are privileged to have Patsy’s expertise and commitment to supporting others in their journey towards healthier living.

Patsy Rogers

Treasurer, My Tiny Greens

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Katie Yates

Secretary, Y Design

Committee Chairs

Katherine is dedicated to increasing awareness about the profound impact of poor health by embracing individuals and organizing events that foster healthy bodies, self-acceptance, and holistic well-being, with a strong emphasis on addressing the whole person. Understanding that food plays a pivotal role in everyone’s unique chemistry, she recognizes that what may be beneficial for her could be detrimental for others, and envisions a transformative journey where changing one’s food choices leads to a life filled with clarity, energy, and daily excitement.

Katherine Bates

Nutrition , Nutrition Reset

Amy, a devoted mother of five, made the choice to focus on raising her children after having four kids in five years but missed the joy of creating delicious meals using quality ingredients. Through prayer and a deep desire to support her son’s therapies and her oldest daughter’s college expenses, she found an unexpected opportunity to purchase a microgreens farm, involving her kids in the entire process and combining her culinary skills and business management degree to educate and inspire others about the flavorful and healthful benefits of microgreens, overcoming the challenge of customer hesitation and fear of incorporating them into daily meals.

Amy Harper

Marketing , 3rd Acre Farm

With 22 years of management experience, Brent is a seasoned HR Generalist who has played a crucial role in two startup ventures and successfully managed a managerial transition. His extensive expertise in various aspects of human resources, ranging from employee relations and benefits management to training, staffing, and compliance, demonstrates his comprehensive understanding of the field and his ability to navigate diverse HR functions with proficiency.

Brent Thompson

HR , Florida Grows

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