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Here it is…..This portal will help connect you to several topics, resources, a potential way to increase revenue, and regulations we have identified and we have tried to make it very consumer friendly. We think 415+ microgreen farmers is an awesome thing and that we do okay as an individual but as a group were unstoppable.

DISCLAIMER every day things change, every business is different and every owner has a different motivation. We try and provide you with the facts of how and when things apply,  but please if you think that maybe your situation is different take a moment to confirm. We will provide where we obtained our information and the resource page will have contact information.

Microgreens best on the planet

Membership Management

Our account management feature allows you to keep track of your profile, billing history, view and manage your invoices, and easily update your payment methods. With just a few clicks, you can access your billing information, review past transactions, and make any necessary adjustments to your payment details. Here. 


Business Start-up

Click here to access our content on business start-ups for microgreen farmers, where you’ll find a wealth of valuable information, tips, and resources. We cover everything from understanding the market and choosing the right microgreen varieties to set up your growing space, managing finances, and marketing your products effectively.


Click here to access our content on marketing for microgreen businesses, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of insights, tips, and techniques to effectively promote your products and reach your target audience. From digital marketing to offline tactics, we cover a wide range of marketing avenues to suit your business needs.Go HERE

Production/ Technical side

From seed selection to harvest techniques and equipment recommendations, our comprehensive guide covers all aspects of microgreen production. Learn how to create optimal growing conditions, master germination, and growth cycles, and implement efficient irrigation and lighting systems to achieve consistent and high-quality yields. Grow Sheets, grow room set up, SOPs begin HERE

Finance/ Accounting/ Grants

From budgeting and pricing strategies to cost management and financial forecasting, our comprehensive guide covers all aspects of financial management for microgreen businesses. Learn how to create a solid financial plan, track your expenses, and set pricing that reflects the value of your microgreens while remaining competitive in the market. 


Our resource page is a one-stop destination for microgreen businesses, providing a variety of tools, guides, templates, and recommended reading materials. From seed suppliers and equipment manufacturers to industry reports and educational courses, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of resources to cater to your specific needs. (If you don’t see something you’d like please ask.)

Sales/ Partnerships

From building a sales pipeline to closing deals and retaining customers, our comprehensive guide covers every aspect of sales for microgreen businesses. Discover effective sales tactics, customer relationship management strategies, and proven techniques to increase your conversion rates and maximize revenue. Sell HERE


Microgreens Channel

Wanna be on a podcast, or maybe do your own YouTube show. Not sure if you’ll love it enough to commit to a series, sign up to be on ours and get some great experience as well as, allow our sponsored ads to promote your farm. Sign up here. 

Premium Courses

Coming Soon! Do you still want to pay for a course? Don’t fear follow this link here for courses.  

Document Center

Every template, file and resource all in one spot for your ease. 

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